Being really fond of developing and building things, Metadev is a culmination of a year-long search of finding the perfect niche to write about.

The pitch is quite simple:

Metadev is a blog where I document every step of development and setup with 100% transparency, aimed at modern WordPress developers.

The aim is to cover various topics regarding frontend, backend and dev-ops about developing WordPress themes and plugins in 2020 and beyond using a modern workflow.

Furthermore, the idea is to use as few plugins as possible and to write most of the functionality needed myself. Naturally, this makes sense up to a certain point as I have no intention of writing a substitue for Wordfence or a caching plugin.

The site is built upon a modern WordPress theme boilerplate.

Who is metadev?

Ivan Grginov

A full-stack jack-of-all trades developer.

I’m working as a WordPress Engineer at Infinum, a design and development agency based in Croatia since 2018. Currently I’m not looking for any kind of freelance work.